High voltage turns pontoons into more than stops

With the "Ganz nah ganz woanders" campaign, the agency is once again creating awareness for the adventure and gastronomy ships that can be discovered on Lake Zurich, following campaigns in the spring.

There is a lot to discover on Lake Zurich - including adventure and gastronomy ships. With a new campaign, the Zurich advertising agency Hochspannung is now drawing attention to this once again.

In keeping with the season, the autumnal gastronomic experience of game is currently being celebrated. With a theme that greets visitors and passengers at the pier and welcomes them warmly to the inn. "Ganz nah ganz woanders" - that was also the motto earlier in the year when the Zurich shipping company advertised the themes "Party" and "Orient". Just around the corner, then, and an integral part of Zurich's identity on the one hand, the lake and the ship bring new geographical and culinary horizons.

Pier as a starting point for experiences

As in the previous year, the campaign by the Zurich advertising agency Hochspannung aims to transform the piers into more than just public transport stops. They will become gateways to exotic restaurants, starting points for culinary journeys, where the joy of discovery and wanderlust can be felt.

Further motifs are currently being developed and will be shown on an ongoing basis. The campaign can be seen in the Zurich area on analog and digital billboards as well as on various online channels.

Responsible at Hochspannung Werbeagentur Zurich: Alexander Taiganidis, Matthew Katumba, Fritz Kreis, Tanja Kongolo, Monika Jagodzinski, Johannes Jordan, Sophie Graf, Nyima Weber.

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