Ruf Lanz: Spicy appearance for the new Tilsiter fondue

Tilsiter launches a fresh, ready-to-eat fondue. The launch campaign has matured at Ruf Lanz.

In time for the cold season, the Tilsiter cheese brand from eastern Switzerland is launching a strong, spicy fondue made from Tilsiter Extra with a subtle hint of wine. Fresh and ready to prepare.

The launch campaign has matured at Ruf Lanz and draws entirely from the product: a Tilsiter loaf from the maturing cellar becomes a fondue caquelon. The striking fusion serves up the message fresh and fast. On posters in F12, F200 and F24 formats and on social media.

The new Tilsiter fondue is available at Migros and soon also at Volg.

Responsible at SO Tilsiter Switzerland: Sibylle Marti (President & Strategic Marketing), Urs Hänni (Managing Director), Willi Oberhänsli (Marketing Manager). Responsible at Ruf Lanz: Danielle Knecht Lanz, Markus Ruf (Creative Direction), Dave Schellenberg, Mario Moosbrugger (Art Direction), Armin Arnold (DTP), Gian Marco Juon (Consulting Management), Kevin Meier (Consulting Assistance). Responsible at PMC Prezzi Media: Ella Erogul, Sandro Prezzi.

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