Wunderman Thompson and Amag arouse lasting emotions

A comprehensive image campaign by Wunderman Thompson for the Amag Group shows solutions for the future and mobilizes people to get involved.

In recent years, the Group has continued to develop in the direction of the future and sustainability with a great deal of commitment and innovative spirit. With new offers in the areas of mobility and energy, the Amag Group wants to expand its market position. The Group also aims to achieve "Net Zero" by 2040, i.e. to be climate-neutral from production through operation to disposal. Progress is meticulously documented in the annual sustainability report.

Now communication is to change the image in people's minds accordingly. The challenge was to communicate the many different offers, commitments and projects of the Amag Group in an image campaign. The centerpiece of the campaign was to be an image spot. The client and agency deliberately decided against a classic vignette film that lists all the solutions one after the other.

"In the creation of the commercial, we focused on solar energy solutions and wrapped them in an emotional story, because communication with emotions has been proven to be better remembered," explains Swen Morath, co-CEO at Wunderman Thompson. "With the associated campaign, we are activating people to discover many more solutions for themselves."
To be able to tell the story authentically and full of emotion in the short TV format, the agency relied on Swedish director Jakob Ström, who has made a name for himself as a storyteller with internationally award-winning films such as "Dear Daddy."

"It was important to us to tell a credible story about young and old, about city dwellers and people living in the countryside here in Switzerland, and one that makes our diverse commitment tangible," elaborates Dino Graf, Head of Group Communication Amag Group.

Those who want can achieve anything

The campaign starts with an emotional image spot. It tells the story of a young woman for whom it is quite normal to do something for the environment and a sustainable use of resources in everyday life. Her parents, however, show less understanding for her daughter's concerns and remain stuck in their old patterns and habits. Finally, she decisively packs her bags and moves out. A few months after moving out, the woman returns home for a first visit and in the end it is clear: the parents have been inspired by their daughter and have moved forward. They proudly show off their photovoltaic system on the roof. They have not only changed their inner attitude, but have really done something for the future. Because if you want to, you can achieve anything, is the message of the commercial.

Solar power from the highway and from the house roof

By 2030, Amag wants to power all the electric cars it sells with clean solar energy produced together with partners. For example, by building a nationwide network of photovoltaic systems on highways and buildings with these partners, as well as providing holistic charging solutions with solar energy for home and on the road. And there are many more solutions for the future that are being teased in various online and offline advertising media.

All advertising media such as print, POS measures, social media, sponsored content, and display ads lead to the Landing pagewhere you can find out the details of these and other innovative solutions from Amag.

Moving forward with your own ideas for the future

To activate people to engage with Amag's solutions, a competition was also launched. People can enter their own ideas on the landing page. A jury of experts selects the most surprising ideas and Amag facilitates their implementation. The realization of the ideas is documented and accompanied via Amag's own media and social media. The aim is to create content that involves people in the long term, inspires and motivates them to keep coming up with new, individual solutions for the future.

The campaign has been on display throughout Switzerland since September 9.

Werbewoche.ch asked Swen Morath, Co-CEO of Wunderman Thompson, and Dino Graf, Head of Group Communication at Amag Group, about the background to the campaign. Click here for the interview on Werbewoche.ch.

Responsible at Amag: Helmut Ruhl (CEO Amag Group AG), Dino Graf (Head of Group Communication, Responsibility & Brandmanagement Amag Group AG), Joëlle Hügli (Director of Marketing Amag Retail AG), Jeannine Micheli (Head of Digital Marketing & Media Amag Import AG), Paula Strittmatter (Project Management, Amag Group AG), Eszter Koós (Head of Group Office & Project Manager to the CEO Amag Group AG). Responsible at Wunderman Thompson: Swen Morath (Co-CEO), Marika Magnuszewska (Art Direction), Julia Staub, Michael Lüthy (Text), Alisa Lomovceva (Graphics), Dany Boletas, Besiana Lauper-Bandilli (UX), Kathrina Seiler (DTP), Susi Martin (Project Management). Film production: Rosas & Co, Jakob Ström (director), Jan Mettler (DOP), Nadia Rosasco, Alexander Wyssling (production), Rickard Ahlbäck (color grading), Sara Hagwall (editing), Raphael Just (photography), Ole Ljungman (music & sound design), DubDub Studios, Gregor Rosenberger (sound), Postproduction Südlich-t.

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