Erdmannpeisker relies on online infotainment for Bimbosan

Biel-based agency Erdmannpeisker was commissioned by Bimbosan with an awareness and trial campaign to position the baby food manufacturer as an authentic, fresh brand.

Bimbosan offers a wide range of follow-on formula, cereal-based porridges and snacks. Ten years after the brand's successful realignment, the brand profile was sharpened again and a campaign implemented to further extend Bimbosan's lead as an authentic, fresh brand.

As soon as the baby is born, thousands of questions arise and you don't want to do anything wrong. Parents' need for information is huge, and they inform themselves thoroughly about products and companies. The fleeting information behavior in online channels is in stark contrast to this.

The online campaign developed by Erdmannpeisker aims to do just that. Through entertaining and entertaining tidbits of information, numerous convincing reasons for choosing Bimbosan are presented. The characteristic illustration world, created ten years ago, gives Bimbosan a distinctive and independent identity.

The awareness campaign will be on air from September and will provide variety with many different motifs.

Responsible at Hochdorf Swiss Nutrition: Désirée Metzler (Head of Marketing Bimbosan), Jasmin Adam (Brand & Communication Manager Bimbosan). Responsible at Erdmannpeisker: Gabriel Peisker (Creative Director), Selina Helbling (Consulting), Christina Weisser (Art Direction), Felix Reidenbach (Illustration), Laura Fässler (Motion Design and Online Advertising Media), Audioflair (Sound Design), Ads&Figures (Media Planning).

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