Zurich in 100 stories: VBZ campaign immortalized in book by Ruf Lanz

Numerous personalities write about the past and present of the city and canton of Zurich in the new book "Zurich in 100 Stories". One of the stories is dedicated to the VBZ campaign by Ruf Lanz.

Last week, the book "Zürich in 100 Geschichten" was published by NZZ Libro. The stories come from journalists, historians, writers and entrepreneurs. Among the authors is Markus Ruf, creative director and co-owner of Ruf Lanz, who tells how the VBZ campaign got rolling.

"The VBZ campaign has a cult following in Zurich and never ceases to surprise with creative ideas," editor Peter Röthlisberger is quoted as saying in a statement. "That's why it simply belonged in the book."

In the story, Markus Ruf describes how the agency won the VBZ mandate shortly after its founding in 2001 as a "David against the Goliaths of the industry" and has continuously developed the campaign to this day. From classics such as Christoph Mörgeli next to Daniel Jositsch in the streetcar, to the true distribution of seats in Zurich after the municipal elections, to current subjects such as the seat demo for the environment that does not block traffic.

The article ends with a compliment to VBZ: "The fact that the campaign still keeps up with current issues today is the result of a wonderful, unbureaucratic collaboration. After all, a creative agency can only be as good as its clients allow it to be."

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