With XXL bubble foil: This is how Erdmannpeisker creates awareness for GVB private insurances

"Is your home adequately insured?" - with this slide, it probably is. The image campaign designed by Erdmannpeisker is intended to raise awareness of GVB Privatversicherungen AG and position it as the expert on all aspects of home security.

GVB Privatversicherungen AG is a private-law subsidiary of Gebäudeversicherung Bern (GVB). GVB Privatversicherungen AG offers insurance solutions for real estate that go beyond the services provided by the cantonal building insurers. In this way, customers benefit from additional protection in various areas.

The image campaign, newly conceived by Erdmannpeisker, is designed to raise awareness of GVB Privatversicherungen AG and position it as the expert in all things related to the security of my own home. With the oversized bubble foil, a well-known symbol for optimal protection is taken out of its context to create a striking eye-catcher. In the headline, the trigger is the crucial question that is on the minds of all homeowners: "Is your home adequately insured? The answer to this question can be found in the online test of GVB Privatversicherungen AG, an attractive competition provides additional traffic to the website.

The online campaign is played out in the canton of Berne to the target group of homeowners and supplemented with advertisements.

Responsible at GVB Privatversicherungen AG: Evelyn Allenbach (Marketing Manager Insurance). Responsible at Erdmannpeisker: Gabriel Peisker (Creative Director), Selina Helbling (Consulting), Christina Weisser (Art Direction), Laura Fässler (Implementation Online Advertising), Crunch, Sébastien Zürcher, Joel Schären (3D and Film Production), zip Media (Media Planning).

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