Schläfle Trittibach: AAA Digital fulfills all wishes

For the specialist in digital print and planplot AAA Digital, the agency Schläfle Trittibach has implemented an introductory campaign. Colorful and imaginative renderings show that the company fulfills all wishes.

With a focus on the construction industry, AAA Digital offers customized printing solutions for investors, builders, architects and professional planners.

Schläfle Trittibach was commissioned to develop an introductory campaign for this target group. For this purpose, passionate and imaginative renderings of fictitious building projects were created. They are intended to show that AAA Digital can fulfill all the print and plot requests of architects and planners, even the most unusual ones.

The campaign will be seen on posters and at POS. In addition, a multi-stage mailing will be sent to architects and planners.

Responsible at AAA Digital: Remo Vetsch (Managing Director), Remo Schällibaum (Co-owner). Responsible at Schläfle Trittibach: Marcel Schläfle, Christoph Trittibach (Creative Direction), Nicolas Braga (Text), Kevin Irving (CGI/Retouching).

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