Erdmannpeisker turns building technicians into sun tamers

Like almost all skilled trades, building technicians also suffer from a shortage of apprentices. For this reason, the Swiss-Liechtenstein Building Services Association Suissetec, together with Erdmannpeisker, is launching a new film for young people, calling for the first and most important step in making contact: The trial apprenticeship.

The film takes up the highly topical subject of solar energy, which is the focus topic for Suissetec this year. Whereas in the first film building technicians were presented as competent partners and as the professionals for solar installations, the newcomer film takes up the topic for young people in a surprising and target group-specific way: As in the popular anime, in which the main characters can tame water, fire or air, here the building technician becomes a sunbender, because anyone who can install solar systems on the roof and thus bring the sun into the house is a real sunbender.

The online spot, conceived by Erdmannpeisker, combines real images and illustrations in a surprising way and in quick cuts. In the film, sympathetic young building technicians call for and to take part in a trial apprenticeship in the industry. The approach to the young people should be witty and yet authentic and approachable.

The campaign focuses on young people of career choice age and is broadcast online and on social media. Parents, the most important influencers when it comes to choosing a career, are also addressed as a secondary target group.

Responsible at Suissetec: Christian Brogli (Head of Marketing and Communication Suissetec), Helena Montag (Project Manager Marketing and Communication Suissetec), Mirjam Viviani (Project Manager Marketing and Communication Suissetec). Responsible at Erdmannpeisker: Gabriel Peisker (Creative Direction), Selina Helbling (Consulting), Jenny Ziörjen (Art Direction), Laura Fässler (Implementation Advertising Media), Markenfilm Schweiz, Stefan Künzler (Direction), Florian Studer (Producer), Cyril Gfeller (Motion Design), Capucine Matti (Illustration), Nono Photography (Photos), Mediaschneider Bern (Media Planning).

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