Content and form and Aldi Suisse awaken superpowers

For the start of apprenticeships in 2024, Aldi Suisse is looking for new apprentices. Inhalt und Form is accompanying the search with a campaign that also focuses on apprentices.

Aldi Suisse wants to accompany young, motivated people into working life again in 2024. That's why the retailer is positioning itself as a modern, progressive and authentic training company with a campaign for the start of apprenticeships in 2024.

The campaign focuses on the people who are ultimately at stake: the learners themselves. Current learners represent the young and diverse target group of the campaign.

The core message "Aldi promotes superpowers" is intended to dramatize the fact that potential apprentices with Aldi Suisse manage to discover and develop their full abilities - and can thus almost become superhero:ins. In this way, Aldi Suisse wants to highlight the advantages of an apprenticeship in a forward-looking and employee-friendly company and show that young people are an important part of it.

The 2024 Apprenticeship Start campaign will be featured in Aldi Week, point of sale, social media, online ads, the employee app, and all owned media channels, launching in September 2023.

Responsible at Aldi Suisse: Vanessa Senn (Director Communication, Corporate Responsibility & Quality Assurance), Katharina Mähr (Manager Customer Interaction), Patrizia Zoller (Project Manager Customer Interaction). Responsible at iundf agency group: Dominik Stibal (CEO), Karin Estermann (Executive Creative Director), David Hugentobler (Creative Director), Lukas Tauss (Senior Art Director), Jil Tölderer (Interactive Media Designer), Johanna Kilchenmann (Project Management); Nora Nussbaumer (Photography and Image Editing), Philipp Keusen (Hair & Make-up).

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