Home Zurich and Wingo promise "everything

Wingo positions itself as a full-service provider with a campaign that promises "everything". The newly owner-managed agency Heimat Zürich is responsible for the implementation.

Home Zurich does "everything" for Wingo: Previously known primarily for its mobile communications division, Wingo is to be perceived as a full-service provider. This is because, in addition to mobile subscriptions, Wingo also offers Internet packages with up to 10 Gbit/s for the home as well as Wingo TV with over 250 channels and seven days of replay.

To reflect this diversity more clearly, Wingo is changing its logo to read "everything" for the campaign. And thus makes the logo itself the carrier of the main message: Wingo becomes "everything.

Posters, DOOH, animated banners, static banners for social and co. and several megaposters were produced.

Customer: Wingo. Responsible agency: Home Zurich. Media: Mediaschneider & Hoy.

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