Jung von Matt Limmat and Sbrinz answer everything

Jung von Matt Limmat starts the cooperation with Sbrinz AOP with a branding and awareness campaign, which is the prelude for an overarching campaign umbrella. The aim is to bring the traditional cheese back to the forefront in the minds of the Swiss.

Life doesn't always go according to plan - but that's what makes it so. And even when everything doesn't go perfectly - Sbrinz adds a special touch to every moment. This is underlined by the current campaign by Jung von Matt Limmat for Sbrinz with a "Sbrinz on it".

The claim not only functions as a motto, but is also intended to represent an attitude to life and at the same time describe the way in which Sbrinz enriches everyday life. In the accompanying TVC, viewers are made aware that "Sbrinz drauf" is the answer to a wide variety of moments and situations.

"The platform underlines the character of the brand - uncomplicated, somewhat idiosyncratic - and shows that Sbrinz simply belongs to Switzerland," explains Pascal Baumann, Executive Creative Director of Jung von Matt Limmat.

The current campaign, including the TV spot, has been running in German-speaking Switzerland since Monday and for around two months. In addition, five cut-down versions can also be seen online and on social media in German.

Responsible at Sbrinz: Luisa Odermatt (Senior Brand Manager), Lars Petersohn (Lead Brand Cheese). Responsible at Jung von Matt Limmat: Pascal Baumann (Executive Creative Direction), Raphael Hemmi (Text), Moritz Lüth (Art Direction), Sarah Schmidt, Natascha Imfeld (Agency Producing), Helena Amor, Pia Chlumetzky (Strategy), Fabienne Weidmann, Tina Mons (Account Management), Dennis Hofmann (Managing Strategy Director), Thomas Steiner (Managing Partner and Agency Lead), Luitgard Hagl (Managing Creative Director and Agency Lead). External partners:inside: Tuna Production (production), Tobias Bergmann (director), DubDub Studios (sound studio).

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