Filmgerberei: Image film for the Andermatt Golf Course

The new image film for the Andermatt Golf Course is a coach talk, which does not focus on the technical game, but on the all-around, which gives the inner peace for the successful tee-off.

Samih Sawiris' heart project is the development of Andermatt into a 'Prime Alpine Destination'. Thanks to the many efforts of Andermatt Swiss Alps, the former military mountain village has become an attractive vacation resort. Among other things, it attracts visitors with a wide variety of hotels, a concert hall, protected nature and an alpine golf course that combines all these advantages - just like his new image film.

The concept developed and realized by Filmgerberei shows that for a successful golf experience, the overall experience around it must also be right. At the heart of the film is a voice that coaches through the quiet moment before teeing off. It explains how to find the necessary inner peace for a fulfilling game of golf.

Four qualities combined

Andermatt Swiss Alps plans, builds and develops the year-round destination Andermatt. The Andermatt Swiss Alps Group includes the hotels The Chedi Andermatt and Radisson Blu Reussen, an 18-hole, par-72 championship golf course and the Andermatt Concert Hall. There is a close partnership for the development of the destination with Andermatt-Sedrun Sport (SkiArena Andermatt-Sedrun, gastrobrand Mountain Food, Swiss Snowsports School Andermatt and Sportshop Gleis 0) and its majority shareholder Vail Resorts, Inc.

All projects are anchored in the four basic pillars of quality, hospitality, sustainability and cooperation. Together with Film Tannery, Andermatt Swiss Alps integrates these values as a cross-brand CI/CD in its audiovisual production.

Responsible at Andermatt Swiss Alps Stefan Kern (Chief Communication Officer), Laura Dittli (Corporate Communications Executive), Marcel Baumann (Digital Communications Executive), Patrick Debus (Graphic Designer) Responsible at the film tannery Marike Löhr (Producer), Balz Chen, Livia Gerber (Concept, Script, Direction), Silvio Gerber (DOP), Lea Filadoro (Edit); responsible for Our Colors: Jürgen Kupka (Color Grading).

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