"Yes" creates appearance for first gluten-free online bakery "Panedodo".

The Grisons-based agency Yes Creative Digital Marketing developed the branding and a comprehensive communication strategy for the first gluten-free online bakery "Panedodo" in Chur.

Panedodo's new look aims to change the classic perception of gluten-free products and create an entirely new experience. The team at yes developed a multi-faceted strategy to realize this vision.

The first step was to give Panedodo eye-catching branding that emphasizes both the playful nature of the company and its high-quality products. The lively logo and colorful corporate design visualize the spirit that lies within Panedodo.

Never again breadless, never again plastic food

As a home bakery, Panedodo makes gluten-free products available online so that people with celiac disease no longer have to be literally breadless. The bakery's packaging design was created with appropriate care to reflect the brand's distinctive features. The packaging comes
100% without the usual plastic packaging. The individual packaging of each product tells a clever story and conveys Panedodo's inviting and unconventional groove to shoppers. The Shopify website expands the brand's touchpoints to include a
colorful online experience. Panedodo's social media presence encourages interaction with customers and helps build a loyal fan base.

Breaking Bread - gluten free bread for all

Gluten-free products should thus be made interesting and accessible not only to people with celiac disease, but to everyone. "We wanted to move away from the
Perception of 'health products'. Labels like gluten- or lactose-free often sound like hospital or disease, and we wanted to avoid that. Panedodo is
a cool brand with cool products that are meant to be accessible to everyone, with or without gluten intolerance. And honestly, the products taste delicious and are just as crunchy and tasty as 'regular' bread. Like tattoos or nail polish, gluten-free products no longer seem off-putting, but strike a chord. We wanted to communicate these characteristics with the new appearance," explains Richi Brändli, Head of Strategy at Yes.

Thanks to the collaborative partnership between Yes Creative Digital Marketing and Panedodo, the first online gluten-free bakery was launched that not only manufactures and distributes products, but also communicates a way of life. The bold approach to branding enables Panedodo to establish a unique and refreshing niche in the world of gluten-free products.

Project Team Yes Strategy - Richi Brändli, Art Direction - Eli Duis, Content -Dora Giugliano (Panedodo)

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