SpinMania: Wirz creates fairytale spinning top promotion for Migros

In Migros' big fall promotion, everything revolves around small wooden spinning tops that can be put together to form figures. The Wirz Group has breathed life into these toys with an innovative design concept and created an entire fairytale world around the figures.

Get one game and collection item for every 20 francs you buy - this Migros promotional concept has been part of the retailer's marketing inventory for more than a decade. It is therefore all the more important that it is continually revitalized with fresh ideas and impulses.

In its latest edition, Migros is focusing on wooden spinning tops that can be combined with a wooden body to form figures. Wirz developed the basic concept of a playful fairy-tale world for this and, in collaboration with the PPI Worldwide agency and author Alexander Volz, transformed the figures into knights and robbers, luminous spirits and mermaids, cyclops, glitter dragons, goblins and many other story-telling mythical creatures.

A total of 22 characters are thus intended to encourage collecting and playing. A collection box is available for purchase for storage and as inspiration with different game variants.

Communication with a wide range of tasks

Figures with spinning tops as heads require more explanation than marbles or collectible pictures. And the fairy tale world makes additional communicative demands. For the implementation, Wirz consistently relied on animation. This made it possible to depict the function of the spinning tops and their interaction with a figure body.

The campaign is played in a variety of channels. The basis is an animated key visual with a stylized SpinMania spinning top and two selected characters in front of the four defined areas of the fairytale world - mountains, water, forest and castle. The centerpiece is a film, animated by Nerd Productions London and directed by Light & Mathematics, who pack all the required didactic elements of the communication into a 25-second story.

In addition, there are on the landing page Migros.ch/spinmania fairy tales written by Alexander Volz with the SpinMania characters as audio books, set to music on Jingle Jungle and additionally promoted with Spotify audio ads.

A social media campaign and various digital measures developed in collaboration with the Hamburg agency Mutabor complete the diverse communications mix.

Responsible at the Federation of Migros Cooperatives: Sara Schneider (Promotions & Activation Department Manager), Stephanie Künzler (Promotions & Activation Project Manager), Delia Candolo (Junior Promotions & Activation Project Manager), Kathrin Lamm (Digital Project Manager), Celina Bernasconi (Media Project Manager). Responsible at Wirz Group: Lorenz Clormann, Thomas Kurzmeyer, Chantal Heimo, Adrian Busse, Mark Stahel, Zara Velchev, Evelyn Schellenberg, Luigi Vitiello, Nico Keramaris, Cosima Lang, Naomi Meran, Tim Lieberherr, Florian Joller, Vanessa Lehmann-Spalleck, David Offermann, Janna Löhr, Eva Bachmann, Erasmo Palomba, Nadja Kilchhofer, Ruwanie Hayoz, Giovanni Bucca, Yussef Serrat, Oliver Fäs, Sonja Jegen, Karin Gartmann, Rahel Signer, Corinne Räber.Responsible at Visualeyes International (key visual production): (production), Amadeus Waltenspühl (illustration), Tobias Stierli (flaeck), Jenue (3D rendering). Film production: Nerd Productions (production company), Light & Mathematics (director), Jingle Jungle (sound studio), Federico Bettini/Colin Schmid (music composition). Responsible for PPI worldwide: Rut Sanz (Production & Logistics Manager), Criz Jamers (Sales & Marketing Director Europe) & Isaac Audouard (Creative Department). Web design: Mutabor. Storytelling: Alexander Volz. Media: Webrepublic, Dentsu.

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