"Mim ÖV farsch besser": Summer campaign by Yes! for Invia

In a campaign for Invia, the umbrella brand of public transport in Graubünden, the Chur-based agency Yes! Creative Digital Marketing presents the advantages of public transport for young commuters. In addition, 50 GA Nights are raffled.

Invia is committed to a smart networking of all public transport in the canton of Graubünden and in the neighboring regions. From the beginning of August 2023, Yes! wants to demonstrate for four weeks with a summer campaign that young people can also travel much more cleverly by public transport.

The current campaign is based on the two previous campaigns with the twin sisters ÖV-Tina and Auto-Gina (Werbewoche.ch reported). But now the focus is on a young man who promotes the new GA Night. Yes! again staged various scenarios from the everyday commuting life of young people. The main character is a convinced public transport driver and encourages the target group to travel by public transport and to take part in the draw for 50 GA Nights: "Public transport? Logical. Schuel, Schaffa, Training, Usgang." The 19-year-old Amel Adjovi from Chur was recruited as a performer. The clips were produced by the Chur production company Moviemaint.

The cross-media campaign includes moving images and is actively distributed mainly via social media. In addition, it will be accompanied by cinema and radio spots, passenger TV spots, display and video ads, and a broad-based OOH and DOOH campaign.

The main target group comprises young Graubünden residents up to the age of 25 who want to get to their destination smartly, quickly, cheaply and flexibly.

The campaign has been running since August 8: "The summer vacations will soon be over, and for many people it's now back to commuting to school or work every day. This is exactly the right time to raise young people's awareness of a public transport pass and public transport in general," says Sabrina Meister, project manager of Graubünden Invia.

Responsible at Invia: Sabrina Meister (Product Manager Commuter Traffic and Tariff Networks, Rhätische Bahn AG), Alexandra Menzi (Team Leader Marketing Services East, PostBus AG). Responsible at Yes! Creative Digital Marketing: Dominik Kurmann (Concept, Art Direction), Shirin Luchsinger (Project Management), Erina Dvorak (Campaign Management), Mena Dressler (Text), tipic (Web Development), Moviemaint (Video), Riccardo Götz (Photography).

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