Insighters continue campaign for Nanimale

After the vegan ice cream company was able to far exceed all expectations during its crowdfunding in May, Nanimale wants to create a buzz in the public again. Susen Gehle and Andy Lusti have implemented the first DOOH campaign for this purpose.

"Even if we through crowdinvesting numerous co-owners and even more fans, Nanimale is unfortunately still too little known - just like the overwhelming news that our natural gelatos are now also available in all Migros stores and on Migros Online," says Chairman Benedikt Hess. "That's why we're taking to the streets for sustainable enjoyment."

664 Gelaterias from Nanimale are called Migros

The colorful, cheerful DOOH subjects were once again created in collaboration with the creative collective around the two creative directors Susen Gehle and Andy Lusti. The creatives deliberately play with the different benefits and varieties, as Andy Lusti explains: "664 Gelaterias from Nanimale are called Migros. Nevertheless, the message 'Gelati per Tutti, also at Dutti' doesn't play the main role, but the natural ingredients and the fine taste."

Many varieties, many messages

"The iconic look and the use of ever-changing headlines gives us the opportunity to stage Nanimale in a colorful and playful way - and to adapt the messages perfectly to the environment, seasonality and target group," adds Susen Gehle. In the future, many more messages are to be added. "After all, we have over 40 (!) inspiring varieties at our disposal in the new Glacéria on Stauffacherstrasse and the new pop-up store on Rennweg," Gehle continues.

The glacés are on display at APG outlets in Zurich, and available nationally at Migros, Farmy and around selected 120 gastro partners.

Responsible at Nanimale: Benedikt Hess (Chairman of the Board of Directors), Andrys Aardema (Director). Strategic Brand Consulting: Thomas Wildberger. Responsible at Insighters: Andy Lusti (creative direction, concept, text), Susen Gehle (creative direction, concept, text), Fabian Rietmann, FF Graphics (art direction, animation), Paulette Ghahremanian, Studio Shizaru (design).

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