Shopping for every adventure: Evoq image campaign for Seewen Markt

The shopping center Seewen Markt, managed by Coop, is launching an image campaign to increase awareness and strengthen the location. The target groups are tourists and residents of the region. Evoq develops the campaign and implements it immediately.

The shopping center Seewen Markt is located in the middle of the Mythen adventure region, with Lake Lauerz, Stoos and the town of Schwyz. In the home municipality of the Swiss Army Knife, numerous tourist attractions attract visitors, such as the Federal Letter Museum or the Swiss National Museum.

To increase awareness of Seewen Markt among tourists and locals and to promote its presence in the region, the image campaign "Shopping for every adventure" was launched. Evoq developed the appropriate communication concept as well as the visual appearance and implemented various advertising materials.

The campaign runs along the seasonally relevant activities and takes place in the close vicinity of the Seewen market but also at tourist hotspots. In order to address a broad public, a poster campaign will be launched at train stations, public places as well as at leisure locations. In addition, attention will be drawn to the shopping center in areas relevant to tourism, such as Stoos or the Arth-Goldau zoo. The media planning, which is also carried out by Evoq, is supplemented with bus rear advertising and traffic boards. At the Lauerzerseeelauf 2023, runners will be attracted to the shopping center with perimeter advertising and a glucose box. Various advertisements appear in the local print media.

Visually, the campaign is based on people in oversized shopping bags looking forward to their adventures in the region and stocking up accordingly at Seewen Markt.

Customer: Coop, Seewen Markt shopping center. Responsible at Evoq: Adrian Schaffner, Daniel Kuster (concept), Daniel Kuster (project management and media planning), Markus Wohlhüter (creative direction), Marc Hahn, Jonas Krull (design).

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