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To raise awareness about the dangers of sharing children's photos on social networks, Heimat Zürich and Child Protection Switzerland show children's photos without showing children's photos.

Just in time for the start of the summer vacations, Child Protection Switzerland warns against the risks of so-called "sharenting". "Sharenting", a word composition of "parenting" and "sharing", means the sharing of pictures and videos of children by their parents on the Internet.

Especially during the vacation season, particularly cute photos of children are taken, often in the pool or on the beach. Many parents share these snapshots with family and friends with the best of intentions. But once posted, it is difficult to control what happens to the photos.

Heimat Zürich wants to raise awareness of this problem with a social media campaign: The campaign begins with three social media ads that do not show photos of children, but rather descriptions of the pictures in text form: "On the beach in Marbella: Lena jumps for joy in the middle of her new sandcastle" suggests the photo behind it, but does not show it. The resolution promptly follows in the form of a warning: "No matter how cute they are: Do not share children's photos on the web." Users can expect further information on the website of Child Protection Switzerland, which provides more detailed information on the topic of children's photos on the Internet.

In a further phase, social media users will take up the theme and post their own "pictures without pictures. "The simple mechanics of the campaign make it easy to reproduce, which increases awareness of the issue," says Sandy Pfuhl, the creative director responsible at Heimat Zürich.

Various video and static advertising materials for social media were produced.

Responsible at Child Protection Switzerland: Tamara Parham (Head of Communications), Daniela Ambühl (Deputy Head of Communications), Matea Petrovic (Communications Specialist). Responsible at Heimat Zürich: Sandy Pfuhl, Adrian Staehelin, Jacqueline Villiger, Lisa Hirt, Finn van Grondel (creation); Andrea Braschler (consulting). Responsible at Jung von Matt Impact (Media): Gabriela Oetliker.

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