Jung von Matt Limmat for Mobiliar: even the AI reckons with damage

In today's increasingly dynamic world, it is becoming more and more difficult to predict what will happen next. But one thing is certain: damage happens. Artificial intelligence also comes to that conclusion. Jung von Matt Limmat's current campaign for Mobiliar picks up on this topicality.

AI can now do almost anything: write texts, generate videos and images, plow through huge data sets in seconds. And it can also think through existing images. What else happens outside the image? That's exactly what Mobiliar and Jung von Matt Limmat wanted to know from AI in their current campaign.

The idea is based on a simple but exciting observation: AI, which like the insurance business is based on data, also calculates damage. If one expands harmless-looking images with the AI Photoshop tool "Generative Filling," damage cases are generated in the image expansion every now and then, such as dented cars, spilled paint, or broken dishes.

Hanna Poffet, Marketing Communication Manager at Mobiliar, says: "In our communication, for example with the damage sketches or the Mobiliar commercials, we always try to pick up on the zeitgeist and current topics to underpin Mobiliar's promise. The AI idea, which came about by chance and playfulness, therefore convinced us all the more because it applies exactly to both." Nicole Bieri, also Marketing Communication Manager, adds: "In this campaign, Mobiliar humor uses modern means, but the mechanics are actually the same as in the damage sketches.

A situation is supplemented by other elements that give the entire story a new twist. That's why the AI idea excited us from the very first moment. Because it, too, knows that damage is part of life."

The campaign uses stock imagery in the style of Mobiliar's imagery and integrates the Swiss insurer's traditional promise: "Whatever comes your way - we'll help you quickly and without complications."

The campaign has been present in German-speaking Switzerland for two weeks since Monday with two TVCs, at DOOH locations and with online assets.

Responsible at the Mobiliar: Hanna Poffet, Nicole Bieri (Marketing Communication Manager), Lorenz Jenni (Head of Brand Leadership & Marketing Communication). Responsible at Jung von Matt Limmat: Anouk Karrer (Creative Direction), Jan Theus, Luca Schneider (Art Direction), Fabienne Weidmann, Tina Mons (Account Management), Annette Häcki (Managing Creative Director), Cyrill Hauser (Managing Partner), Luitgard Hagl (Managing Creative Director and Agency Lead). Responsible at Blish: Alessa Fanzoi, Fabrizio Rutishauser, Matthias Fasnacht, Jlona Kopf (media realization). Responsible at Mediaschneider: Laura Castellana (Client Service Director), Lisa Kaniampuram (Media Consultant), Tarek Alfaiech (Senior Media Consultant), Stephan Bänninger (Media Consultant).

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