Feldschlösschen with digital on-pack promotion of Valencia

Feldschlösschen carries out digitally-supported on-pack promotions several times a year to promote sales and retain customers. For the first time, the summer promotion "To our summer" was implemented with the SAAS solution "Promologic" from the Valencia subsidiary Nueva.

On-pack promotions are an efficient means for FMCG companies to promote sales and gain valuable customer data. However, the planning and execution of such campaigns is complex and requires conceptual work as well as the management of multiple elements such as codes, participants, prizes, and also the logistics of the products equipped with winning codes.

To improve the process and also make it as user-friendly as possible for participants, Nueva developed an intelligent software solution that can automatically manage several million codes and tens of thousands of sweepstakes entries. At the same time, users are offered an appealing campaign landing page incl. user account and participation dashboard.

The particular challenge of the "Here's to our summer" campaign lay in the provision of clearly assignable winning codes and the regular, automated drawing of different prize types. There are instant prizes, which can be won immediately when a code is entered, and interval prizes, which are determined on a weekly basis. The winners are notified in real time and the winner data is automatically delivered to the logistics system.

120 million individual winning codes

Promologic allows to efficiently handle on-pack promotions of any kind. In the case of the Feldschlösschen "Here's to our summer" campaign, more than 120 million individual winning codes were generated to award the 5,000 instant and 72 weekly prizes within three months.
raffle. Campaign monitoring takes place in real time via a web-based backend, in which the parameters for automatic prize determination can also be defined. Despite the large amount of data to be processed, the retrieval of winning codes takes place within a few milliseconds, thus allowing a delay-free experience for all participants.

The entire campaign is promoted on an attractive landing page in the campaign design, and sweepstakes entry is via an intuitive account login. The account serves as a dashboard for users throughout the entire campaign. There they can play new codes at any time, view their winnings and previous entries, generate free codes, and read up on information about the process.
As soon as a prize is played out, winners are automatically notified on the portal and by e-mail. The design of the landing page is based on Valencia's packaging design, which included both the outer packaging and the individual containers.

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