McDonald's and TBWA\Zurich: Launch campaign for McCrispy

McDonald's and TBWA\Zurich are positioning the new McCrispy with a campaign in which a crumb plays the leading role. The new burger is to join the ranks of Big Mac, Fries and Chicken McNuggets.

The new McCrispy is a chicken burger that is now set to seduce all chicken lovers. TBWA\Zurich is supporting McDonald's with a launch campaign based on the famous Kubrick classic "2001: A Space Odyssey. In it, a small, crispy crumb of breadcrumbs plays the leading role. This one shoots past the legends, next to which it will now be found in the McDonald's range. To this end, the narrator talks about the typical habits surrounding the consumption of Big Mac & Co. and ends on "Time for a legend.

The same insights are also told by three subjects that are used as (D)OOH and digitally. Shortly after launch, one of the subjects was "rewritten" by a fan of legendary soccer player Blerim Džemaili. An image of it was shared by one of the widest-reach Instagram channels and reposted by McDonald's. Finally, the player himself shared that very post. And McDonald's launched its own poster for Džemaili at Letzigrund with TBWA\. And the soccer legend also shared this poster on his Instagram channel. The campaign was flanked by organic content for which TBWA\Buzz was responsible.

Responsible at McDonald's Switzerland: Jean-Guillaume Bertola (Chief Marketing Officer), Severine Caspard (Marketing Manager), Morgane Zillweger (Marketing Manager). Responsible at TBWA\Zurich: Manuel Wenzel, Reto Clement, Mark A. Levay, Davide Schenker, Mathias Bart (creation), Nadja Stickl, Marcel Mägerle (consulting), ViDo Production (pre-press), ViDo Video (motion design). Responsible at TBWA\Buzz: Michelle Steinauer, Margaux Bazarganpour, Anna Lena Delli Santi, Lucas Germann, Peter Grychnik-Zbronski. OMD: Media strategy and planning. Rocket Film: film production, Brian Durnin (director). Cloudscape: 3D/CGI.

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