Content and form make your cell phone a cash register for Worldline

Simply cashing in without a payment terminal: The new campaign for the payment service provider Worldline shows how this works.

For Worldline, the Swiss market leader for payment solutions, Inhalt und Form developed the central idea for a multi-stage campaign played across various online channels for a completely new payment solution that is currently being launched in Switzerland. In three phases with matching spots and digital advertising media, the target group of small businesses is addressed directly. With the slogan "Turn your cell phone into a cash register," the new payment solution Worldline Tap on Mobile shows that the smartphone application can turn any Android cell phone into a payment terminal.

Reaching the goal with three phases

At the start of the campaign, a snappy spot shows how easy it is for the target group to turn their personal smartphone into a cash register via three exemplary protagonists - a confectioner, a potter and a yoga teacher - and thus already have the solution in their hands. The follow-up spots and digital assets of the second phase work with the same three protagonists, who now directly ask the audience to do the same: "Turn your cell phone into a cash register," no matter what business you run. The new payment solution via app is fast and flexible and can accept cashless payments without a payment terminal. Interested parties are taken directly to an appealing information page about Tap on Mobile. The final phase of the Tap on Mobile campaign is scheduled for August and will take interested parties to the offer, which enables online purchase of the Tap on Mobile payment app in just a few steps.

The campaign concept of Inhalt und Form puts small and micro businesses in the spotlight, most of which consist of one person offering their service and often do not have a store or a fixed location with infrastructure because of it. This corresponds exactly to the target group that Worldline wants to address with the newly launched payment app Tap on Mobile for Android smartphones.

The extensive campaign has already been running across Switzerland since April on the social media platforms Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. In addition, display ads can be seen on the Google network and all spots on YouTube.

Responsible at Worldline: Melanie Vögelin (Head Marketing Communications), Vera Gieseke (Head Marketing Communications Switzerland), Sophie Gahleitner (Senior Project Manager Marketing Communications) Responsible for content and form: Dominik Stibal (CEO), Karin Estermann (Executive Creative Director), Adrian Huwyler (Client Relations Director), David Hugentobler (Creative Director), Caroline Minar (Art Director), Manuela Marty (Head of Consulting / Strategist), Celina Harisberger (Senior Project Manager) Media: Webrepublic  Moving image: TFCITD and Vienna Living Room

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