DCO DOOH: Gamned promotes sports betting in real time

On the occasion of the UEFA Nations League final and the Euro24 qualifiers, Gamned combines DOOH and DCO (dynamic creation) for Loterie Romande sports betting.

Using DCO technology (Dynamic Creative Optimization), the elements of the ads are updated every minute - depending on how the match results and betting odds develop throughout the day. The ads appear on digital screens in train stations, shopping malls, Coop Pronto, Metro Lausanne, Let's Go Fitness and gas stations in French-speaking Switzerland and show the current betting odds at all times.

Combination of DCO and Programmatic DOOH

The combination of DCO and Programmatic DOOH makes it possible to communicate simultaneously on the DOOH screens of the APG SGA, Clearchannel and Neo Advertising networks. The inventory was booked via Displayce's DSP for this purpose. DCO
avoids the creation of multiple specific visual assets for each game, allowing for more flexibility, personalization and better advertising impact, he said. "People who come into contact with these touchpoints receive information about the game of the day and the associated odds in real time. This allows us to publish branding campaigns with an updated message and a call-to-action for bettors," says Caroline Thevenin, Marketing Group Product Manager at Loterie Romande

"After implementing a system to automatically generate online banners for Jouezsport, we wanted to mirror that experience by developing a DCO for programmatic DOOH. This approach fits perfectly with Loterie Romande's need to communicate in real time about sports news of interest to betting customers," said Philip Aigner, Client Director at Gamned.

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