Spina's Civil Voices with campaign for IG Child Protection

With the symbol of an empty battery, Spina's Civil Voices for IG Child Protection wants to show that understanding and advice is offered to parents - and thus reduce the number of children who experience violence.

IG Kinderschutz - an interdisciplinary association of professionals working in child protection - is alarmed. Year after year, the number of young children who have to be hospitalized due to violence and abuse increases or stagnates at a high level. Reducing this number and reaching out to all social and cultural milieus is the declared goal of the online campaign, for whose strategy, conception and implementation Spina's Civil Voices is responsible.

The most frequent cause of violence against children is the short-circuited actions of overtaxed parents who no longer know how to help themselves. How can we prevent this from happening without triggering a defensive reflex in the parents? Not with a threatening finger, but by showing that understanding and advice is offered to parents in seemingly hopeless situations.

Thanks to the universally understandable symbolism of the empty battery, parents from all cultural circles and milieus are addressed non-verbally. The simple, memorable subjects start with the feelings of parents that precede an assault.

Landing page in eleven languages

With a mobile-only landing page available in eleven different languages, parents seeking advice can get low-threshold help via email or phone call. An initial test phase shows a significant increase in counseling calls that are redirected to the Pro Juventute counseling phone. The most successful ads achieve above-average results in terms of engagement and CTR. And the landing page also achieves very high values with a click rate of 15 percent on telephone and email buttons.

The campaign is continuously enriched with new subjects.

Responsible at IG Child Protection: Dr. Georg Staubli (Head of Emergency at the Children's Hospital Zurich), Dr. Heidi Simoni (Head of the Marie Meierhofer Institute for the Child), Katharina Hardegger (Psychologist, Marie Meierhofer Institute for the Child), Fiona Feuz (Department of Education, Office for Youth and Vocational Guidance). Responsible at Spina's Civil Voices: Steph Huwiler (CD), Miriam Fischer (concept/AD), Andrea Duttweiler (concept/text), Federico Mazza (graphics), Conny Geibel (consulting), Eric Schwegler (digital marketing), website programming: Gilbert Nigg, web developer.


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