Scholz & Friends for Atupri: Fair play for health

The health insurer Atupri launches together with Scholz & Friends Zurich the campaign for the introduction of the new supplementary insurance Atupri Basic.

With its new Atupri Basic supplementary insurance, Atupri wants to demonstrate that modern supplementary insurance not only closes gaps in coverage, but also promotes health and is easy on the wallet. With a low premium starting at CHF 13.50 per month and benefits such as coverage of the costs of emergency transport as well as subsidies for sports subscriptions and international protection, the insurance is positioned as a fair supplement to basic insurance that protects and promotes health.

This customer-centric promise of fairness becomes the guiding principle of the campaign. It plays on the idea that life is not always entirely fair with our health. So it's all the better if the benefits and price of the supplementary insurance help in a fair way.

The digital campaign, which covers the entire customer journey, is now on air with measures such as digital banners, online video, social ads, native ads and accompanying competitions, paid posts and landing pages.




Responsible at Atupri: Michael Wüthrich (Head of Corporate and Marketing Communications), Thomas Wyss (Content Marketing Strategist), Seda Atalay, Alana Bienz-Ruchti, Sarah Tanner (Communications Specialists). Responsible at Scholz & Friends: Patrick Bucher, Joana Faria, Franziska Stäger, Aster Loerli, David Fischer, Christian Vosshagen (creation), Elodie Caucigh, Ramon Zahnd, Mathias Rösch (consulting), Susi Miller (strategy). Media agency: ZipMedia.

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