Wingo and Heimat Zürich whet the appetite for speed

Scoring points with cheetah optics: Wingo and Heimat promote the Wingo Internet Start offer for fast Internet at home as well as the unlimited mobile tariff Wingo Swiss Pro with 5G throughout Switzerland at an accommodating price.

The current Wingo campaign from Heimat Zürich is all about speed: both the Wingo Swiss Pro mobile subscription and the Wingo Internet Start home subscription offer fast Internet - which makes you feel really fast. So fast, in fact, that the Swiss comedians Charles Nguela for German-speaking Switzerland and Alexandre Kominek for French-speaking Switzerland ignite the turbo and get dressed up for the occasion.

Various video formats, animated banners, posters, DOOH, static WB for social and co. and a cinema spot were produced by Heimat.

Client: Wingo. Responsible agency: Home Zurich. Photo and film production: Sebahat Film + Photo. Photography: Dan Cermak. Media: Mediaschneider & Hoy.

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