Rosarot combines the forces of AI and human creativity for Amag

After the cancellation two years ago due to the pandemic, the summer exhibition "Amag Emotion Days" will take place again in June in 2023. For the events throughout Switzerland, lead agency Rosarot developed a 360-degree communication including a key visual, in which AI was heavily involved in conception and creation.

Following the cancellation of the anniversary exhibition due to the pandemic, the "Amag Emotion Days" are coming back to life this year. With a new mix of experience, fun and enjoyment, and of course numerous special models and used cars, the exhibition has been moved to early summer. The themes of "sustainability" and "electromobility" form the highlight of the event. For these reasons, the perception of the "Amag Emotion Days" should also be increased externally.

Likewise, Amag was to be perceived as the leading Swiss car dealer with 85 locations, thus playing the theme of Swissness.

Switzerland packed in a glass ball with AI

Old communication paths were to be abandoned, which prompted the creative team at Rosarot to rethink the key visual: it was created by a team of human creativity and artificial intelligence.

After the "human" idea generation, AI was used to put Switzerland, mobility and sustainability into a glass ball. Playfully, this composition shows what will move country and people in Switzerland in the future: A sustainable e-mobility to also preserve the landscape of Switzerland.

However, the AI images not only provided the template, but the customizations were also all implemented with artificial intelligence. The details and refinements were refined and perfected by human hands.

A full load of more ideas

With the new motto "Fully charged Switzerland", the task was taken into account that not only a fully charged program and Switzerland will play a major role, but also precisely electromobility.

In addition, the claim is used in numerous variations and appears again and again, such as in the big competition (Full Load of Winnings), the topic of e-mobility (Full Load of Future) for special models (Full Load of Occasions) or the summer loungers at the POS (Full Load of Relaxation).

For the national summer exhibition, Rosarot also designed and produced all communication material - from the exhibition banner to the competition wall - and all assets for the campaign.

360-degree communication for 100 POS locations

AI was also used again at the POS, for example for a Swiss map with all Amag locations. Or for floor and vehicle stickers that will bring the Swiss landscape - the green of the forests or the blue of the lakes - into each of the numerous car dealerships. In addition to brainstorming and handling more than 190 raffle prizes, including shipping, the Zurich agency was also responsible for preparing the imagery for the landing page and creating the social media assets. In addition, DOOH, print and online advertising materials were implemented and the invitation mailing was created.

Responsible at Amag: Cristina Ravalli (Head of Customer Relations), Larissa Kobler (Event & Project Manager). Responsible at Rosarot: René Karrer (Creative Direction), Marcela Narvaez, Florian Fleischmann (Art Direction), Flavia Hänni (DTP), Evelyne Stöckli (Consulting), Samuel Bucher, Martina Schenker Bieli (Project Management), Thorsten Hainke (Senior Text), Franz Neugebauer (Senior Text).

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