Emil Frey Digital promotes the "Kia 24 Hours Experience

With the "Kia 24 Hour Experience", the personal Kia model of choice can be tested for an entire day. Emil Frey Digital created a cross-channel, national campaign to communicate this 24-hour test drive.

As part of its repositioning in early 2021, Kia has modernized and revamped its corporate identity, its advertising presence and, with its attractive and innovative products, its design language. This repositioning seems to be well received: According to data, Kia is one of the fastest growing brands in Europe and also in Switzerland. The current campaign is designed to provide a new and experiential approach to Kia with a 24-hour test drive that appeals to all the senses.

More time for experiences

A normal test drive usually lasts a few hours at most. With the "Kia 24-hour Experience," interested parties can test and enjoy their personal dream model by every trick in the book: Design, technology, comfort, driving experience. This starts with a simple reservation of the desired model: On a specially set up platform, the desired model, desired date, and the start and end time of the test drive can be booked bindingly with just a few clicks and without lengthy back and forth.

Sensual imagery

The basic idea of the campaign refers to the experience of being able to experience all the benefits of a Kia for a day in all kinds of situations. To feel the performance. To discover the technology and the easy access to it. To enjoy the comfort. To explore every single detail. Carried by a visual language that is actually reserved for sensual shots of human bodies, various subjects are intended to evoke a unique desire. The image content is supported by short, catchy headlines that invite you to experience Kia with all your senses in every respect.

In order to achieve the greatest possible reach throughout Switzerland, various subjects will be displayed in a national billboard. In addition, other subjects will appear in various channels and be used at the POS. The overall communication package also includes a radio spot, moving image formats, various direct customer communication media, and an incentive that is handed out together with a customer questionnaire after the test drive.

Responsible at Kia Switzerland: Javier Blanco (Head of Marketing), Claudia Trombini (Media & Communication Specialist), Ivan Hohler (Communication Specialist). Responsible at Emil Frey Digital: Afshin Etesamifar (Art Direction), Marcel Elsener, Lukas Schmid (Text, Concept), Guillaume Borel (Creative Direction), Fernando Gort (Consulting), Nicole Kämpf, Roger Shanmugalingam (Desktoppublishing), Andreas Novosad (Digital Marketing). Production: Pixelgenau Consulting (development and screen design), Gian Paul Lozza (photography), Oliver Schmocker, UKO, Jingle Jungle (radio spot).

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