"Good vibes only" at Amorana and Heimat Zurich

Together with Heimat Zürich, Amorana celebrated Masturbation May. Under the motto "Good vibes only", the company celebrated physical self-love in all its facets and fought lustfully against stubborn taboos and false shame.

Almost everyone does it and almost no one talks about it - that's the sober conclusion of what is actually a sensual topic. Despite scientifically proven benefits such as higher resilience, increased self-esteem, and improved sleep quality, masturbation is nowhere near as socially acceptable as it should be.

"The shame associated with the topic means that masturbation is usually only discussed publicly in an ironic or amusing context," explains Isabelle Schmid, Head of Marketing at Amorana. "That has to change."

The beat makes the orgasm

Reason enough to give this topic the attention it deserves for a month and to break down fears of contact. Heimat Zürich designed a social media campaign around toys that can be connected to the favorite playlist via an app and vibrate in beat mode to the music. Those who recognized the vibrating song in the contest could win VIP tickets to OpenAir St. Gallen 2023. With further content on social media, in blog posts and in the Amorana Magazine the topic of masturbation was further de-tabooed.

Leading by example

To further emphasize the normalcy of masturbation, the company gave its employees an extra day off to masturbate during Masturbation May. The "offday of a special kind" was reported both in the national and international press.

The aim of Masturbation May was to establish masturbation and sex toys as something commonplace. In addition, the measures have shown that there are toys for everyone and every need.

Responsible at Amorana: Isabelle Schmid (Head of Marketing). Responsible at Heimat ZürichNico Ammann, Sandy Pfuhl, Jacqueline Villiger, Anouschka Tschudi, Lisa Hirt, Diego Cavalli (creation), Andrea Braschler, Adam Schwarz (consulting). Photography: Oliver Rust KO-photography+film via VisualEyes Artists. Sound: UKO Audio Suite.

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