Search heroes for Swiss Bankers: how to profit from the strong franc

For the target group of travelers, the agency Suchhelden has implemented a summer campaign for Swiss Bankers. The campaign focuses on the strong Swiss franc, which means that travelers with the Travel Card get more vacation for their money in euros or US dollars.

The campaign thus picks up on a topical issue and aims to offer travelers the opportunity to benefit from this situation. The central message "Benefit from the strong franc with the Travel Card" is accompanied by a series of secondary messages designed to highlight the advantages of the Swiss Bankers prepaid card as an ideal means of payment for travelers. "Topicality in marketing increases target group relevance, which is why we have geared the campaign to this," says Basile Willi, Marketing Manager at Swiss Bankers.

The campaign will be used in June and July and will be broadcast with video formats via social media and DOOH, relying on a creative and entertaining visual language. "For the creation of the advertising material, we relied on the cut-out style to achieve a high entertainment factor," says Sandra Nein, Head of Videoproduction at Suchhelden. In addition to the main video "Strong Franc", the Suchhelden agency has produced six other videos, which focus on the individual advantages of the Travel Card and the "Order foreign currencies home" service from Swiss Bankers.

Responsible at Swiss Bankers: Basile Willi (overall responsibility). Responsible at Suchhelden: Nadine Sogl (Project Management).

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