Ese Agency makes it haunted in Migros

Migros is advertising its latest promotion with the Escape cell phone game "M-Escape". With every purchase, new items can be unlocked. Ese Agency supports the retailer with a holistic communication concept for a digital-savvy target group.

The agency gave the puzzle game an adventurous touch with the narration around the "haunting of Migros". The key visual is also intended to be reminiscent of Hollywood and picks up the story around the abandoned branch. For the promotional campaign, the agency put pen to paper in the conception phase and followed through to the execution of the advertising materials. The campaigning included the message and design concept as well as the media planning and social strategy.

The community deciphers

The haunted Migros store is designed to appeal to the core target group, which is digital and has an affinity for puzzle games. The communication concept focuses on simplicity: easy-to-understand messages - and the entry thresholds are also removed in communicative terms.

Getting on the nerves of Migros customers

The advertising materials for Migros' own channels and third-party media are supplemented by content on social media. The strategy relies on entertainment. For example, Ese has ghosts cleaning the store and products going crazy in a prank format.

To create organic reach, influencers like Flavio Leu also experience the haunting firsthand and play out content about the spooky adventure on their own channels.

"M-Escape: Haunted Migros" is playable from Tuesday. In the coming weeks, every purchase can fill the stamp card and unlock new content. For clever minds with strong nerves.

Responsible at Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund: Samuel Huber, Raphael Jung, Melani Zadro. Responsible at Ese Agency: Elia Binelli (contact person), Severin Gamper (art director), Emanuel Ernst, Damian Steffen (concept), Ian Weber, Šejla Husić, Aline Braun, Lara Groll (production).

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