JvM and Myclimate silence Putin

Switzerland pays Russia and other autocratic regimes several million francs a day for oil and natural gas. With a "Yes to the Climate Act", such payments should be gradually reduced and the money invested in renewable energy at home. Myclimate is mobilizing from Tuesday with an interactive screen installation in which voters face Vladimir Putin.

On June 18, 2023, the Swiss electorate will make a landmark decision for the country by voting on the Climate Act. A "Yes" vote on the Climate Act is intended, among other things, to promote innovative, renewable electricity products domestically and thus the Swiss economy.

Interactive screen installation

The vote on the Co2 law two years ago showed that urban people could not be sufficiently mobilized to vote, according to a statement from Myclimate. Therefore, the foundation is now taking the initiative and has implemented an interactive screen installation together with Jung von Matt, which will be set up in Zurich, Bern and Geneva. The installation is also a ballot box for voting envelopes and is intended to make postal voting a special experience.

On a screen more than two meters in size, an animation of Vladimir Putin looks out at passers-by. In the monitor, at the level of his mouth, there is a narrow slot into which the voting envelopes with the "Yes" to the climate law can be inserted. A light sensor detects the insertion, the animation changes and shows Putin suddenly gasping for breath. With every bite of democracy, he feels sick, his head turns red, and he has difficulty breathing.

With this action, the Swiss:in united as a democracy are supposed to shut the autocrat's proverbial mouth by throwing ballots instead of banknotes down his throat. "Gamification gets people to vote who wouldn't have gone to the polls before. This is our chance to stand up to an autocrat together as a democracy," Myclimate CEO Stephen Neff is quoted as saying in the release.

The animation of Vladimir Putin was filmed in a first step with a Putin lookalike and then further refined to Putin's physiognomic features using deepfake AI.

Putin's head as an official mailbox

Inside the screen installation is an official yellow letterbox from Swiss Post. This is connected to the Swiss Post network of mailboxes and is emptied daily by Swiss Post employees. In this way, the transfer of the voting envelope into the mail can be guaranteed without any problems and the secrecy of the mail can be preserved in accordance with the postal law.

The screen installation will be set up at Zurich main station on Tuesday and Wednesday, at Bern station on Thursday and Friday (June 8/9, 9h - 19.30h) and at Gend station on Sunday and Monday.

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