Friendly greetings for Baloise: Where Big Data meets Big Air

Work-life balance is the focus of Baloise's new international employer branding campaign. It plays visually and textually with the clash between work and leisure and creates common ground precisely there. In this way, the social-first campaign by Freundliche Grüsse positions the financial services provider as a modern employer.

With #worklifebaloise, Baloise has already been addressing the growing need of employees for new forms and opportunities to shape their work and everyday lives since 2019. Now the employer branding is being continued with a new social-first campaign in Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg.

The campaign, designed and implemented by Freundliche Grüsse, establishes the famous balance between work and life. On the one hand, through stylishly modern video collages that create a fluid transition between work and leisure. On the other hand, through a textual lever that connects work, leisure and Baloise with the always same initial letters and similar phonetics.

Through twelve different videos and subjects, the campaign addresses potential and existing employees from the areas of insurance, banking, IT and junior staff. Many different interests of the target group are addressed: For example, the data analyst who won't back down from a snowboard jump. The youngsters for whom friendship is most important. Or the clerk who loses himself in books.

The employer branding campaign is being played out immediately and in two waves in all four countries. The focus is on social media videos for Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. LinkedIn ads, display ads, native ads and streetcar ads will also be played.

Responsible at Baloise: Tobias Gees, Benjamin Kuckartz, Sandra Zehnder, Timm Süss, Debora Moos. Responsible at Friendly regards: Pascal Deville, Fabian Biedermann, Samuel Textor (overall responsibility), Laura Leuenberger (art direction), Julian Riegel, Philipp Gloyer (text / concept), Seraina Meier (motion design), Andrea Aegerter, Kathy Känzig (consulting), Roberto De Bonis (social media), Drop8 (programmatic ads).

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