Wyld: TBWA launches youth campaign for SBB

With TBWA\Zürich, SBB launches the first post-Covid youth campaign - and brings the GenZ directly into the experience, including enthusiasm in youth slang on station signs.

New youth offers and the new GA Night are intended to enable an active leisure life with many unforgettable experiences. The fact that this leads to emotions is the starting point of TBWA\ Zurich's new youth campaign. In it, various young worlds of experience are marked with SBB's classic blue station signs.

The signs do not show local destinations, but the emotions that the trips there are supposed to trigger. Shortened words such as "Sheesh," "Slay," or "Wyld" that are commonly used in the target group are intended to capture young people's emotions in a spontaneous and fresh way.

In this way, the campaign transforms experiences and emotions into destinations, picking up young people in five short films and six static subjects on precisely those interests that are relevant to late teens as well as early twens - people between the ages of 20 and 30.

The campaign is accompanied by various other measures. To kick off the campaign on Thursday, "Sign Spinners" will be found at various stations in Switzerland, spinning signs to draw attention to GA Night. On the evenings of June 9-10 and 16-17, a TikTok Dance Challenge will then take place in major train stations. There will be a GA Night and tickets for a rave to be won.

The Day Rave under the name "The Tunnel" can be reached exclusively with two extra trains to "somewhere". Where to, is not revealed. Only known is that it is a remote location. On the line-up are international and regional DJs like Andrea Oliva, Animal Trainer, Patrischa as well as a surprise act. Various influencers are also expected to make the mysterious rave a topic of conversation.

The advertising media will be programmatically staggered according to experience fields and will be specifically visible only to young people between 16 and 25 - apart from the accompanying measures such as print, posters and DOOH around train stations. In addition, various social media campaigns, often in collaboration with selected influencers, will draw attention to the offers. The campaign starts on Thursday and runs until early fall.

Responsible for SBB: Sandro Borrelli (Head of Marketing), Nicole Tschanz (Head of Marketing, Commuting & Regular Customers), Nicole Thiele, Andrea Heller (Senior Marketing Communications Manager), Andrea Nehls, Sabine Walther, Heike Kamieth, Vlera Kamberi, Cedric Ogg, Florian Roost (Marketing Communications Manager), Martina Messerli (Text), Petra Pfluger, Aina Heiniger (Graphics), Urs Plattner (Production), Simon Nägelin, Dimitri Magnon (Mediamatiker). Responsible for TBWA\ Zurich: Manuel Wenzel, Michael Kathe, Martin Stulz, Hanning Beland, Maude Mahrer, Sabine Grossmann, Massimo Dalla Palma (creation), Lukas Diem, Clara Burki (strategy) Karin Schweizer, Estelle Ganz (consulting) Toni Rubera, Carolina Alpiger, Karl Hofmann, Fabrice Studer (ViDo); Social media: TBWA\ Buzz. Production: Visualeyes International, All IN Production, Patrick Wulf (Director & DoP); Timmo Schreiber (Photographer); Sevengreen Picture Works (Image Editing). Programming: Eg+ Dusseldorf. Live Comm Partners: Jeff Zurich. Influencer Management: Kingfluencers. Media: Havas Media Switzerland.

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