Team Connect makes you want to be free and active for Bike World

Bike World's current umbrella campaign awakens the joy of cycling and draws attention to the extensive bike selection. Team Connect is responsible for the implementation.

Switzerland is an outdoor paradise and the numerous offers for biking are becoming more and more popular. With its campaign, the Migros specialist store "Bike World" is positioning itself as the Swiss bicycle supplier with the largest selection of brands and models.

Team Connect, as lead agency developed an umbrella campaign to communicate that Bike World has the largest bike selection in Switzerland. In addition, the customer promise is made tangible in dynamic and emotionalizing images: "We have exactly your bike for exactly your moments of freedom." The connection between the experience of nature and the feeling of freedom when biking is called to mind.

Cycling is as versatile as the interests and demands of the Swiss. And so the campaign challenge is: How can we make it clear in quick image and text messages that Bike World has the optimum range of bicycles for every area of use? Using existing static and moving images, Team Connect developed six different subjects: Three subjects on mountain bikes, one each on gravel bikes, children's bikes and city bikes including trailers.

The campaign has been live since the beginning of May and the extensive advertising media will be on display until mid-July. In addition to ads, OOH billboards and e-panels, there are feed and story posts for social media, YouTube preroll and TrueView videos, display ads, and POP plates.

Responsible at Bike World: Franziska Fischer (Brand Manager), Jakob Rudolph (Junior Brand Manager), Kudret Yildiz (Manager Media Excellence). Responsible agency: Team Connect. Media: Dentsu, Webrepublic.

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