Allink implements summer campaign for SuperT

This week sees the launch of Allink's current summer campaign for SuperT from Ramseier Suisse. Action-packed sports subjects underline the positioning as "The Swiss Vitamin Tea".

In keeping with the warmer weather, the new Super T campaign from Ramseier Suisse is being launched this week. The Zurich agency Allink has developed subjects that focus on the topic of sports. "SuperT is the Swiss vitamin tea and therefore the perfect refreshment during or after sporting activities," says Stephanie Waller, Brand Manager at Ramseier Suisse, explaining the strategic direction of the current campaign.

After the brand development of SuperT - from naming to brand design - Allink had already staged the launch campaign in 2022 and is now responsible for the follow-up. The three sporty theme worlds of biking, bouldering and an urban sports field are the focus of the current SuperT summer campaign. They are intended to provide the right environment for the Swiss vitamin tea and underline the three current SuperT varieties with striking colors.

The bike subjects were realized with Andreas Moser - staff member of the BiXS Performance Race Team, where there is a cooperation with SuperT. For the other motifs, the Allink photo team worked with sports and amateur models and also recorded a brand spot for social media. For the campaign launch, the subjects can be seen at more than 1,000 billboard locations in German-speaking and French-speaking Switzerland. The posters are accompanied by story ads on Instagram and Tik Tok, as well as the brand spot on YouTube.

Responsible at Ramseier Suisse: Evelyn Kafka (Head of Brand Management), Stephanie Waller (Brand Manager), Marina Lingg (Product & Marketing Manager), Sandra Bieri (Content & Online Manager). Responsible at Allink: Christoph Schlatter (Creative Director), Jonas Koutrios (Art Director), Ylena Ryf (Digital Designer), Simon Zangger (Photo & Film Director), Mitch Hottinger (Film Producer), Lena Nyfeler (Photo Apprentice), Fabian Schiltknecht (Managing Director), Livia Küpfert (Project Manager), Jahn Koutrios (Music). Responsible at Mediaschneider: Bettina Mettler (Client Service Director), Katja Lüchinger (Senior Digital Project Manager).

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