Publicis tells small adventures in big pictures for Swiss

With "Travel is what you make of it," Swiss International Air Lines has been focusing on individual travel experiences and what they mean to people since 2022. The latest film on this platform tells the story of small adventures in big pictures.

Locking oneself out of the hotel room, throwing oneself exuberantly into the waves or playing a round of pétanque with the locals - many have already experienced such or similar scenes while traveling. They are small, special moments that one encounters unexpectedly, but which often become the moments we tell our friends about later. And it is precisely these small adventures that are the secret stars of the latest TV commercial for Swiss.

"When it comes to travel adventures, people - especially in advertising - often think of things like canyoneering, backcountry skiing or winding jungle trails," explains Stefan Vasic, Head of Marketing at Swiss. "That's all well and good, too. But people forget that it's the little adventures - the ones we experience every day - that make travel so valuable. It's the little things that matter. And that's exactly what we're expressing with the new spot."

Cornelia Späth, Head of Marketing Communication Campaigns at Swiss, adds: "The film is the logical and emotional further development of the platform launched last year. By continuing to focus not on the great experiences, but on those moments that bring the most beautiful mental snapshots, we emphasize even more the individuality of travel. And what it means to each and every one of us."

Numerous versions for worldwide use

The film was edited in several variants. Thus, in addition to the classic 30-second TV spot for the home market, there is an equivalent for the foreign markets, which tell little adventures in Switzerland and in foreign countries close to the border.

"In total, a good 35 different little adventures were created and shot," explains David Lübke, creative director at Publicis. "Quite a workload, especially when you consider that many more sequences were shot specifically for use on social media at the same time."

From the 30-second version on TV to the minute-long version on airplanes and online to the YouTube bumper, the little adventures will be seen on all screen sizes and in various combinations.

The film was first broadcast on television in Switzerland on Monday and will be seen globally on numerous other channels.

Responsible at Swiss: Stefan Vasic (Head of Marketing), Cornelia Späth (Head of Marketing Communication Campaigns), Roman Glauser, Kim Vetter (Project Manager Marketing Communication Campaigns). Responsible at Publicis Zurich: David Lübke (Creative Director), Priska Meyer (Senior Art Director), David Voges (Senior Copywriter) Anatole Comte (Art Director), Sandro Looser (Client Service Director), Freyja Hablitz (Account Director), Matthias Koller (Overall Responsibility). Responsible at Prodigious: Carol Maag (Art Buyer / FFF Producer), Film and Music Production: Shining Film AG, Leonardo Sanfilippo (Executive Producer), Yanik Müller (Senior Producer), Gonzaga Manso (Director / DoP), Alisha-Lou Nader (PA), Bardha Grigioni (Styling), Pascal Holzer (Postproducer), Giacomo Prestinari (Edit), Samuel Muff (Grading), Aimar Molero (Composition/SFX/Mix).

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