Wirz for BKW: "This campaign is a condensation of our core message".

As an international energy and infrastructure service provider, BKW knows what the living spaces of the future will have to be like - and in a new campaign by Wirz it shows projects that the company has already implemented. Werbewoche.ch spoke with Martin Schweikert, Head Group Communications BKW, about the new campaign and the creative central idea.

BKW has the expertise to create the living spaces of the future. As an international energy and infrastructure service provider, it delivers solutions in the fields of energy, buildings and infrastructure. Under the claim "We make living spaces worth living in," BKW's new campaign shows how it uses its expertise to keep prosperity and the environment in balance.

"We make living spaces livable"

Many people imagine a livable environment to be green, unspoiled nature. Others see smart cities or sustainably constructed buildings. At the same time, people strive for prosperity. An aspiration that should be in harmony with nature and the environment. This is exactly where BKW's new campaign comes in. The campaign was realized with Wirz under the claim "We make living spaces livable". It brings BKW's solutions to life. The strong visual language illustrates how modern living spaces are realized in harmony with nature. For example, a BKW Group company has planned Europe's longest green facade, the Kö-Bogen II in Düsseldorf. Another project shows a house that blends ideally into the forest and is virtually energy self-sufficient thanks to a hybrid energy network.

The proof in the picture

The BKW projects shown in the advertising materials and those that actually exist serve as proof of commitment and make BKW's projects tangible. Experts from the Wirz Group, from Campaigning, Consulting and Branding, were involved. The only thing is that Mars will soon be inhabited by humans, as promised in the commercial, is still a pipe dream. Martin Schweikert: "Maybe one day we humans will colonize Mars. But until then, we want to do everything we can to preserve our habitats here on Earth and drive modernization forward without putting too much strain on the environment."

Advertisingweek.ch spoke to Martin Schweikert, Head Group Communications, at BKW about the new campaign and the creative central idea.

Werbewoche.ch: Mr. Schweikert, in your new campaign you let Switzerland - supported by Wirz - "know that BKW makes living spaces worth living in. Why is it important to you to communicate this at this time and in such a proactive way?

Martin Schweikert: We live in a time when everything is changing rapidly: The climate, society, habits, people. One innovation follows the next, with the mission of enabling everyone to live a good and healthy life. As the BKW Group, we are constantly offering innovative solutions and modern infrastructures for energy, buildings, transport and utilities. As such, this campaign is a condensation of the core message of what we as a company offer in terms of added value for society. We are proud of this added value, and we want to and are allowed to show this to the public.

Your company is doing great things and your purpose is absolutely in line with the spirit of the times. For those who don't know yet: How would you describe the portfolio of your services?

As the BKW Group, we have the expertise to create the living spaces of the future. For environments in which people enjoy living, working and developing. Together, we seek and find long-term solutions that are as environmentally friendly as possible. We are rethinking the energy system. For us, for nature and for all those who come after us. Together we are working on the living spaces of the future. And here again, the essence of all our solutions from our areas of expertise: We make living spaces worth living in.

And, perhaps asked somewhat provocatively: Have you communicated what you do with too much restraint so far?

BKW has always been a pioneer since it was founded 125 years ago. This is in our DNA. A few years ago, for example, we aligned the somewhat reticent Bernese energy supplier with future market requirements and transformed it into a comprehensive overall provider of energy and infrastructure solutions. We have always communicated this actively and transparently. In recent years, we have significantly increased BKW's brand awareness. Not least thanks to comprehensive, proactive and forward-looking communication. Ultimately, the current campaign is the communicative consolidation and continuation of our strategic and diversified focus on target markets.

Tell us something about the basic idea behind the campaign. In collaboration with Wirz, you decided not to "invent" any advertising materials or create any artwork ... instead, you exclusively show real-life projects that BKW has implemented. What prompted you to take this approach?

In our campaigns, whenever possible, we have always made the concrete reference to our realized projects. We are a successful, down-to-earth company that puts a lot of heart and soul into implementing sustainable projects with its partners. The novelty in the campaign is that we have already realized a large number of projects today and we can therefore visually show the "proof of concept" based on very different projects. This makes the communicative work easier. It is therefore rather a matter of choice today which projects we want to focus on in the campaign in order to show realized liveable living spaces.

Which projects are you particularly proud of? Are there any highlights that are also reflected in the campaign?

With 11,500 employees in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, there are countless projects of which we are proud. The projects shown in the spot, such as Kö Bogen II - Europe's longest green building facade - or the almost energy-autonomous houses are certainly beacon projects both conceptually and visually and are therefore ideally suited for a campaign.

The new campaign is about successful living spaces: How does BKW envision the living spaces of the future - in ten, twenty, thirty years?

True to our Higher Purpose, we keep prosperity and the environment in harmony. That is our focus. Topics such as decarbonization and electrification will become increasingly important, as will the need for solutions for urbanization, mobility and sustainable living. We make living spaces livable - today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

Responsible at BKW: Martin Schweikert (Head of Group Communications), Michael Morgenthaler (Head of Brand Experience, Partnerships & Campaigns), Ursina Scheuber (Senior Project Manager Brand Experience, Partnerships & Campaigns), Carolina Matthys (Communications Manager), Maria Garcia (Senior Editor), Stephan Oberholzer (Head of Brand Leadership), Michael Blum (Senior Communication). Responsible at Wirz Group: Livio Dainese, Johannes Raggio, Matthias Fürst, Evelyn Schellenberg, Elena Gabriel, Janina Ulrich, Kathrin Jesse, Julia Ewers, Sabrina Arnold, Simone Jehle, Fabian Nold, Andrea Müller, Janna Löhr, Stephanie Ackermann, Miya Aschwanden, Erasmo Palomba, Sarida Bossoni, Ruwanie Hayoz, Giovanni Bucca, Yussef Serat, Oliver Fäs, Karin Gartmann, Rahel Signer, Günther Prächt, Cosima Lang, Noemie La Bella, Kerstin Lenz. Responsible for Production: Pumpkin Film (Film Production), Martin Werner (Director), Sonja Brand (Executive Producer), Jan Mettler (DoP), Alex Jurkart (Editor), DubDub Studios (Audio Postproduction), Asgar Baden and Peder (Music), Bacon X: Jonas Drehn and Daniella Strand (CGI/VFX) and Lasse Selvi (Grading), Südlich-t (Postproduction Online), Lars Borges (Photographer), Emeis Deubel (Co-Production Photography). Responsible for Media: Mediatonic SA.



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