Rivella and Kind regards serve the summer

In the new summer campaign of the popular drink, the agency Freundliche Grüsse not only serves Rivella, but the summer as well.

Whether for lunch, a barbecue, or an aperitif, Rivella fits into the enjoyable, colorful, and active everyday life of the warm season. That's why Rivella always opens up a shared moment for us in the new campaign, serving up summer along with other treats. The message, "Summer is served." breaks down the communication.

While Rivella takes center stage in the campaign and triggers the story, the tasty story is told further in the content and space is created for more storytelling. Whether for lunch, aperitifs, or barbecues, the campaign and content show culinary moments in which Rivella is simply a part of summer.

The campaign consists of online videos, DOOH and display ads. The social media content for Tiktok and Instagram is generated from photos, videos and additional measures by food content creators from Switzerland.


Responsible at Rivella: Elena Neuhold (Brand Manager), Francesco Camenzind (Brand Manager). Responsible at Friendly regards: Pascal Deville, Samuel Textor, Marion Schwager (overall responsibility), Janine Sonderegger (Head of Content / Concept), Mara Schwegler (Art Direction), Eva Brun, Sandro Matter (Consulting), Julian Riegel (Content), Roberto De Bonis (Social Media Strategy). Film production: Marty Trezzini.

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