Galaxus Mobile: New campaign for cell phone subscription

With its new cell phone subscription Galaxus Mobile, the online retailer wants to break with the usual market laws and no longer offers bait-and-switch deals. The provider is advertising this in a new campaign starting today.

Cell phone subscriptions and the eternal battle for discounts can be quite confusing for consumers. And it's not just customers who feel this way when their subscription seems to become cheaper for everyone except themselves shortly after signing up, but also Digitec Galaxus. For the provider, this means getting out of the usual discount battle, no more bait-and-switch offers, but a permanently low price.

In addition to a low basic price of CHF 19, the central element of both the advertised subscription and the campaign is the new Family + Friends option, which is already familiar in a slightly different form from Digitec connect. It is precisely the functional principle and added value of this option that the campaign presents in line with the number of people in the ad: If between two and five people join together, the price drops by another CHF 1 per family member.

The campaign was created in-house and can be seen from 5/15 to 5/28 in OOH, DOOH, online and on the usual social media platforms.

Responsible at Digitec Galaxus: Martin Walthert (Chief Marketing Officer), Flurin Spring (Creative Director), Ursina Grimm (Head of Brand Management), Julia Dürr, Branko Nastic (Project Management, Brand Management), Ali Tseme (Concept), Julian Stauffer, Luisa Silvestri (Art Direction) Bastian Otter (Copywriting), Dyan Shirai, Elisabeth Rönz, Amber Roth, Clemence Censi, Alessandro Thüler (Graphics, Motion Design, Branding). External partners: KnörrLeal (photography), Tina Aich (production).

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