CRK creates another image spot for

"Power on for the good life" is the motto of, the professional organization of the electrical industry. The image campaign realized by CRK for since 2020 enters its third round with a new spot.

As the professional organization of the electrical industry, is committed to industry-friendly framework conditions and high-quality vocational training. Since 2020, CRK has been supporting the industry association with strategic consulting, creation and implementation of the image campaign and is now launching a TV spot with the cat Stromy at the center for the third time. Once again, the EIT cat represents critical homeowners with a flair for comfort and electrics. The trilogy started in 2021 with the cat as a bachelorette, moved on to the party tiger last year and now ends in a romance.

But the spot does not only show the romance of two cats. As a charming ambassador, the independent and comfort-loving cat also draws attention to the important work of electrical professionals. It shows that, from smart building automation to solar panels on the roof, the 50,000 or so electrical professionals make their contribution to comfort, safety and progress, true to the campaign slogan "Power on for the good life".

As the central element of the integrated campaign, the spot will be played out across various channels, with TV as the main medium as well as online and social media measures. While CRK is responsible for the strategy and creation of the campaign, a second agency from the MYTY network, The House, is in charge of media planning and management. The production and animation of the spot were implemented by Sehsucht.

Responsible at Laura Kopp (Public Relations), Beat Voigtmann (Technology). Responsible at CRK: Oliver Wimmer (Mandate Management), Filip Wolfensberger (Creative Direction), Miro Poffa, Jessica Gomilsek, Jeanine Häfliger (Consulting). Production: Henry Littlechild (Director), Matthias Winter, Sehsucht (Executive Producer), Nicola Boehm (Producer), Mortimer Warlimont, Sehsucht (VFX Supervisor), Alberto Banares (DOP), Jan Schöningh (Grading), Filip Wolfensberger, Baschi Thommen, Stefan Sommerhalder and Rainer
Ammann (Composer), Rainer Ammann, Covermedia (Artist), Baschi Thommen, Covermedia (Sound Design). Responsible at The House: Stephan Suter (Director Media), Sabrina Iseli (Senior Media Consultant), Daniel Nussbaumer (Senior Media Consultant).

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