Oomnium: New crowdinvesting platform with new campaign

With Oomnium, a crowdinvesting platform has been launched where all Swiss people can invest in selected start-ups - Yamo is also part of it. The campaign comes from Studio Thom Pfister.

On the new crowdinvesting platform Oomnium, people living in Switzerland can invest a few hundred to several tens of thousands of francs in companies for which ecological, social and societal goals are just as important as a financial return. At the same time, Swiss start-ups and SMEs realize their growth financing with a large number of investors. Often, it is their own customers, employees and the community who want to participate in the future success of their favorite companies as co-owners.

With elleXX, Nanimale, Parkn'Sleep and Yamo, four Swiss start-ups went online at the same time, relying on the crowd to finance their growth. The result: Only two days after the launch, more than 1,000 investors with more than 1,200,000 Swiss francs invested were on board. The campaigns run for one month, and you can participate from 231 Swiss francs.

Campaign by Sudio Thom Pfister

Studio Thom Pfister developed the visual appearance of the Oomnium launch campaign as well as the image concept of the employee:inside shooting for website and social media communication. Unusually staged objects provide for unconventional and attention-grabbing campaign images. In combination with the expressive headline "Kiss my Assets", it sums up Oomnium's self-image in an ironic way. "Venture Crowd Capital" is their progressive answer to a financial world driven by profit maximization and high returns. With growth financing via a community, they show that economic success can also be achieved differently.

The images were staged by photographer Dan Cermak. The four static and animated subjects are symbolic of the four start-ups crowdfunding online. The website was developed by digital agency Liip, which chose an open-source e-commerce framework (Vendure). During conception and development, a strong focus was placed on the check-out phase, as the strict legal requirements stipulate an identity check of the user:inside. In addition, the bounce rate is kept low during the purely digital purchase process.

In collaboration with Sanerstudio, which was responsible for the UX and design of the platform, this has resulted in a smooth customer experience that is constantly being improved in the agile setup.

Oomnium is backed by the crowdfunding pioneers of Wemakeit, who realized a crowd takeover with digital shares a year ago. More than 5,300 shareholders invested over CHF 7 million.

Responsible at Oomnium: Ina Bernhardt, Laura Zwyssig, Leandro Davies, Marc Rinderknecht, Rea Eggli. Responsible at Studio Thom Pfister: Thom Pfister (Creative Director, Idea/Concept), Roland Zenger (Art Director), Noemi Buenzli (Graphic Design, Animation). Photography: Dan Cermak.Text: ROD Communication, Andy Lusti, Susen Gehle. Responsible at Liip: Christian Stocker, Jonathan Fiagbedzi, Lars Hofstetter, Kilian Schefer, Elena Rigamonti. Responsible at Sanerstudio: Matthias Saner.

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