Content and form breathes more lifestyle Sensai

Out of the studio atmosphere and into real life: Content and form ensures more authenticity in Sensai's product presentation.

Sensai is giving the content and form a completely new visual language and tonality, which is intended to appear more natural, authentic and genuine. With the change, the brand wants to show that the days of beauty products in a sterile studio setting are a thing of the past.

Consumers want real products for real people and want to see them where they are used. With the new corporate imagery, Sensai and Inhalt und Form want to show attention to detail and a love of true-to-life image design.

Sensai with a new look

Among other things, the new line can be seen in the current Mother's Day campaign. The minimal setup is complemented by a splash of color in the form of flowers.

Also presented in a natural-authentic look is Sensai's Sustainable Care line, which includes refills and products with sustainable packaging. The sustainability idea behind the products should also be reflected on the image level and still appear elegant and stylish, which was implemented with wood and plant elements.

In addition, Sensai's Summer Care has also made a new appearance. Plant shadows, raffia and wooden props, which are intended to convey a beach atmosphere, provide the lifelike Summer feeling.

The new visual language can be seen in advance online and on social media.

Responsible at Sensai: Juliana Hartmann (Digital Marketing Jr. Manager). Responsible at iundf agency group: Dominik Stibal (CEO), Karin Estermann (Executive Creative Director), Caroline Minar (Art Director), Celina Harisberger (Project Management); Photography Lorenz Cugini (Photographer), Werner Baumgartner (Styling), Lorenz Wahl (Image Editing).

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