The House brings Gen Z to and

To bring Generation Z to and, Myty agencies The House and Hutter Consult developed a video series "Do it just the way you want" with a focus on TikTok.

The focus of the campaign was set on the basis of insights from a survey of the young target group. According to the survey, 60 percent of respondents said that a mix of home office and on-site work is important to them, for 47 percent of respondents a good salary is necessary for their motivation to work, and 66 percent of respondents want an employer who takes a good work-life balance into consideration.

A focus group showed that the "BeReal" format is very well received and that the target group does not want to interpret the videos, but prefers simple, straightforward and entertaining stories. Authenticity is a key factor here. For credibility, the participating focus group also rated it as very important that the content of the videos is appropriately deposited after the swipe-up and leads directly to the corresponding search results and tools on or The group also selected their favorites from several stories.

The three videos on the topics of work-life balance, flex-work and salary check are played on the channels TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, with TikTok being the main channel. Three authentic models directly from Generation Z were hired for the production. The story is told from two perspectives, as the target group of "BeReal" knows it. In order to repeatedly address the video viewers, thus consolidating contact and strengthening relevance, the campaign was designed as a series.

Responsible at JobCloud: Davide Villa (CEO), Hans Tuithof (Chief Marketing Officer), Moritz Schmid (Brand & Communications Manager), Jeanine da Silva (Graphic and Multimedia Designer). Responsible at The House: Maria Brandi (Chief Creative Officer), Oliver Spalt (Art Director), Veronica Futterknecht (Graphic Designer), Andreas Jorgella (Business Development,) Frank Lang (CEO / Director Consulting) and Nina Schennach (Senior Consultant / Project Management). Responsible at Hutter Consult: Michaela Gahbauer (Senior Consultant Social Media), Markus Edelberg (Senior Consultant), Anna Kruczek (Junior Consultant). Responsible at Neoviso AG (Focus Group & Production): Yannick Blättler (Managing Director, Strategy), Andrea Fallegger (Head of Data & Insights), Alena Huber (Junior Art Direction & Producer), Alexandra Wimmer (Project Manager), Anja Amstutz (Strategy & Project Manager), Elia Zobrist (Videographer), Marco Zanga (Videographer & Editor), Nuria Oehms (Producer).

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