McDonald's and TBWA\Zurich need no words for good coffee

TBWA\Zurich has implemented a powerful campaign for McDonald's McCafé that does without words.

Anyone who wants to put emotion into a message now naturally needs emojis. They underline a statement or even tell entire stories - without any words at all. And many a story has taken a new turn thanks to a good cup of coffee.

That's why McCafé is harnessing the power of emojis for its current campaign, communicating the magical effect of coffee in numerous situations and life circumstances.

More than 110 subjects tell these stories throughout Switzerland on DOOH, OOH, online and social media, matching the location and target group. Around 55 of them relate precisely to the specific location where they are displayed. In addition, there are daily updated subjects on DOOH, banners and social.

Branded emoji stories are also featured on the McDonald's app, website, and in the restaurants to sweeten the customer experience for the target group.

Responsible at McDonald's: Jessica Dumoulin, Severine Caspard, Jean-Guillaume Bertola. Responsible at TBWA\Zurich: Manuel Wenzel, Katharina Binder, Sarah Rüegger, Wolf Gardener, Mathias Bart, Alina Biedermann, Monelle A. Kanza, Davide Schenker, Severin
Miszkiewicz, Tobias Peters (Creation), Nadja Sickl, Julia Kerschbaumer, Jenta Stalder (Project Management), Pierre Copsey, Domenico Catena, Noemi Rubera, Marc Plow, Toni Rubera (Production).

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