Emil Frey Digital opens the Swiss online car showroom

With a comprehensive range of automotive products, the Emilfrey.ch website fills the gap left by the Geneva Motor Show. For this purpose, Emil Frey Digital developed and implemented a campaign that stages Emilfrey.ch as the motor show of Switzerland.

The Emilfrey.ch website offers a wide range of services. Interested parties can find and buy a new car, discover leasing offers and new mobility solutions, take out online driving insurance, book various services or get advice from experts.

The idea of making the website the "successor" of the Geneva Motor Show, which has not taken place since 2020, is based on this comprehensive offering. Emil Frey Digital has developed a campaign from this, which uses a wide variety of online and offline channels to showcase the website as the Motor Show of Switzerland. With all the offerings you would want from a motor show, and beyond that with all the advantages that an online platform offers you.

An initial subject takes on the task of making Emilfrey.ch known nationally as the car showroom of Switzerland. To optimize the impact of the campaign, it is continuously monitored, analyzed, and, if necessary, sharpened and further developed. The initial motif is played out via a nationwide poster campaign, social media channels, YouTube, display banners, search background, integration into the current website, and POS activities.

Responsible at Emil Frey: Henri Lyon (Marketing Manager), Valerio Ghezzi (Project Manager), Eurolinda Beluli (Marketing Assistant). Responsible at Emil Frey Digital: Lajos Vizner (Overall Responsibility), Guillaume Borel (Creative Direction), Dominic Koluder (Head of Consulting), Melanie Herbst (Head of Retail Consulting), Sina Grieder (Consulting), Marcel Elsener (Text), Afshin Etesamifar (Art Direction), Anna Gontar, Tobias Kramer (Graphics), Lucien Gacond (SoMe), Björn Strub (Webmastering), Nicolas Striebel (Analytics), Marion Burner, Florian Schölly (Production), Reto Rindlisbacher (Animation).

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