Eichhof Brewery lets the citizens have their say

In a new campaign, Eichhof wants to know what moves the people of Central Switzerland and publishes the messages on posters and online banners. There is even a marriage proposal among them.

Pictures: Rabea Hueppi.

In its new campaign, Eichhof Brewery is letting the people of Central Switzerland have their say and writing on the posters what moves its consumers - including even a wedding proposal. Starting this week, the 80 unusual posters and more than 100 online banners can be seen throughout Central Switzerland.

Dominik asks Svenja to marry him - but not somehow. In Lucerne, his marriage proposal is emblazoned in black and yellow on a billboard on Bruchstrasse in the city. Eichhof is making this possible - and is also giving Svenja and Dominik free beer for their big celebration. With its new campaign, the Lucerne brewery celebrates its consumers and listens carefully to their wishes and comments.

Poster campaign with local heroes

Whether on the way to the summit of the Stanserhorn or on the shores of Lake Lucerne, the local brewery expresses the diversity of Central Switzerland and adapts each poster to its location. More than 100 people from Central Switzerland have contributed their sayings to the yellow-and-black posters, which will be on display from April 17 to 30, 2023, at a wide variety of locations in the six cantons of Central Switzerland.

This is how diverse Central Switzerland is

Six different cantons, more than 800,000 inhabitants and countless dialects. Eichhof knows how individual Central Switzerland is. Sandro from Kriens, for example, jokes about the well-known debt problems of his homeland with his slogan "Even Kriens can still afford it. Katia from Ebikon surprises with the headline "Mall empty, glass full" and wants to attract visitors to the shopping center. Meanwhile, Eichhof brewer Céline expresses her love for songs by Sido and good beer with the claim "Mein Bezirk, mein Viertel, mein Bier". Yannick from Lucerne suggests to the parish that Eichhof should be used to "create more atmosphere in the parish". Mitch, who runs up the Stanserhorn several times in the summer, awards Eichhof the title of "Official Stanserhorn Way Beer.


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