Wirz shows that Migros makes "more for Switzerland

Wirz sums up the positioning of the orange giant with "Migros does more for Switzerland. This is because the retailer is socially, ecologically and economically committed to everyone in Switzerland. The claim and the associated campaign are intended to communicate Migros' multifaceted commitment to the outside world - and make the brand DNA tangible for everyone.

Swiss citizens expect companies to live up to their social, environmental and economic responsibilities. Even outside their core business. This is the result of a recent study by the survey institute Sotomo.
Migros' launch campaign is intended to demonstrate, sometimes tongue-in-cheek, sometimes seriously, the retailer's multifaceted commitment in Switzerland. To this end, various facts are presented - such as a total of 3700 apprentices, 10,000 regional products, or 17,000 tons of packaging material saved. The 360-degree campaign focuses on the diversity of the commitment with typical Migros flair and includes an opening film, several films for TV and online, social media content, digital advertising materials, and around 20 posters and advertisements.

"The campaign shows that Migros is tirelessly committed to everyone in Switzerland, especially within its range of products and services, but also beyond," elaborates Nadine Hess from the Federation of Migros Cooperatives. The fact that Migros is also perceived by the population as sustainable and committed is shown by the GfK Business Reflector Reputation Ranking: Migros came in first place at the end of March 2023 and is particularly popular with young people because of its commitment (Werbewoche.ch reported).

Responsible at the Federation of Migros Cooperatives: Nadine Hess (Head of Marketing Communications), Fréderic Zürcher (Head of Umbrella Brand), Désirée Strassmann (Head of Campaigning), Sabine Ruchty (Head of Strategy), Michèle Leibacher (Project Manager Campaigning), Eva Meyer (Project Manager Campaigning), Simone Blaser (Senior Project Manager Media), Patrick Blum (Project Manager Digital Media), Barbara Friederich (Head of Business Partner Communication), Donatus Grütter (Business Partner Communication), Thomas Blumer (Head of Social Media), Raphaela Dreyfus (Head of Migros World). Responsible at Wirz Group: Livio Dainese, Lorenz Clormann, Alain Eicher, Johannes Raggio, Marcus Josty, Thomas Kurzmeyer, Björn Bippus, Yannick Schaller, Matthias Fürst, Luigi Vitiello, Hannah Züttel, Evelyn Schellenberg, Elena Gabriel, Zara Velchev, Petra Dreyfus, Karin Lang, Vanessa Lehmann-Spalleck, Kim Ulbrich, Julia Mutter, Valeria Vuckovic, Carolina Jiménez, Eva Bachmann, Barbara Waldvogel, Fabienne Belci, Kathrin Jesse, Alex Hermann, Julia Ewers, Nico Keramaris, Tim Lieberherr, Noemie La Bella, Erasmo Palomba, Nadja Kilchhofer, Ruwanie Hayoz, Giovanni Bucca, Yussef Serrat, Oliver Fäs, Karin Gartmann, Sonja Jegen, Rahel Signer. Responsible for Stories (Filmproduction): Samuel Morris and Paulus Brüggmann (Director), Michèle Seligmann (Executive Producer), Meret Früh (Line Producer), Josua Stäbler, Paulus Brügmann (DoP). Other responsible production: Jingle Jungle (audio post-production), Adrian Frutiger, Fabian Sturzenegger (music), Alessandro Biffi and Jay Moss (edit), Joakin Rissveds (grading), Visualeyes International (production), Yves Bachmann (photographer), Jonas Oswald, Juan Manuel Barrios Daher, Elias Gmünder (photography assistants), Katrin Lohmann (producer). Media: Dynamo Team Dentsu Switzerland, Webrepublic.

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