Apprentices brew beer for a good cause

Three apprentice food technologists specializing in beer have developed and brewed Feldschlösschen Kellerbier. Their beer creation is now available for a short time in selected Coop supermarkets and benefits a good cause.

The proceeds from each pack are donated to the training fund of the Swiss Brewers Association, which supports young brewers in Switzerland. Feldschlösschen and Coop are running the "Lernendenbier" project for the fifth time this year.

Locate your own beer on the shelf

They can hardly wait to find their own beer in a Coop supermarket: Kilian from the 3rd year of apprenticeship as well as Franco and Cédric from the 2nd year of apprenticeship as brewers at Feldschlösschen were already allowed to come up with a new beer idea half a year ago. From the determination of the beer style, to the selection of the raw materials, to the first test brews, they were responsible for the new Feldschlösschen Kellerbier. From now on, this work can be found in the 6-pack for a short time in larger Coop supermarkets.

What is cellar beer?

A Kellerbier is an unfiltered, naturally cloudy beer that used to be bottled directly through the Zwickel (sampling tap from the storage tank). For this reason, Kellerbiers are also known as Zwickel beers. Feldschlösschen Kellerbier is slightly cloudy and hoppy. For the cold hopping, the budding brewers chose the Swiss aroma hops Mandarina Bavaria and Cascade. These give the beer a fruity note of citrus and tangerine, which combine well with the beer's malty body. Feldschlösschen Kellerbier is ideal as an accompaniment to asparagus with Hollandaise sauce, boiled potatoes or ham. Feldschlösschen Kellerbier is already the 5th edition of the "apprentice beer" project, which aims to ensure the next generation of brewers in Switzerland.

In 2019, Feldschlösschen's apprentice brewers at the time brewed the Kristallweizen. Since then, the sales proceeds have been donated by Coop and Feldschlösschen to the training fund of the Swiss Brewers Association (SBV). The donation was used to set up a modern brewing workshop from which apprentices from all Swiss breweries can benefit each year. The SBC is committed to making the training of food technologists with a focus on beer better known and more attractive.


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