Cheeky Easter promotion from SBB and Compresso

"Ciao traffic jam": In an Easter campaign by SBB and Compresso, rail passengers were able to view the growing traffic jam live and follow the race between a car driver and a train passenger on Instagram.

To reassure its customers in their choice of transport and to entertain them on the journey to the Easter vacations, SBB launched the "Ciao Stau" campaign together with the Zurich-based communications agency Compresso. Full of schadenfreude, rail passengers at Bern station were able to watch the growing Easter traffic jam on the A2 live on screens on Maundy Thursday and follow the race south between a car driver and a train passenger on Instagram.

Who will reach the finish line faster?

With this campaign, SBB wanted to confirm to its customers that they had chosen the right means of transport to travel south - and with a good dose of schadenfreude. On several screens in Bern station, Easter travelers could follow live how the queue of cars on the A2 before the Gotthard was getting longer and longer. At the same time, they could follow along with a funny Easter race on Instagram. Two young men made a bet to see who would be the first to order a pizza in a restaurant in Bellinzona. They started the journey to the south at the same time in Zurich Altstetten. One in the car and the other on the train. And as we all know, a lot of things happen on a trip like this: you get hungry, you have to go to the bathroom, or you want to stretch your legs. In running on Instagram uploaded short videos, the two protagonists reported on their experiences and misadventures on the journey south. And, of course, they also found out who reached the pizzeria first.

Rubber snakes instead of car snakes!

The Ciao Stau campaign was initiated by the SBB event team under the leadership of Fabian Strahm (SBB Marketing Communications Manager Holidays). As the official event partner of SBB, the Zurich communications agency Compresso developed and implemented the Easter traffic jam livecam idea and numerous other campaign elements. In addition to the screens, large floor stickers were used in Bern station to draw attention to the campaign. Promotional teams distributed around 10,000 packets of sweet rubber snakes to train passengers on Maundy Thursday: "prefer rubber snakes to car snakes"!


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